Many children may be frightened of going to the dentist for the first time. This fear can often come from hesitancy or negative comments that they hear from the adults around them. It’s important to not make a big deal out of the dental visit when speaking to your child. Treat it as routine so that they don’t assume something bad or scary will happen. The dentists at 525 Dental are experienced in working with children to offer procedures that are relatively pain free and easy on your child. They have advanced equipment to help make visits go smoothly so that your child never has to develop a fear of their dental care provider.

Prepare them in advance

The first step to prepare a child to go to the dentist is to closely regard what you say about your own dental visits – prevent giving them a negative impression. Be sure to talk positively about your own trip to the dental office and if possible, you could take your child with you on a simple visit for a cleaning so they can see how things work. You can also pick up a few children’s books at your local library or bookstore about visiting the dental office. These type of picture books can help tremendously with children who are fearful.

Keep things short & simple

The initial trip to the dental office for most children includes a simple examination and possibly a cleaning. Let your child know what to expect and tell them the dentist is simply going to be sure they’re brushing properly and trying to prevent cavities. If given the chance, it can work well to drop by your child’s dental office before the initial visit to let them look around the waiting room and see that there is nothing to fear. If the dentist or hygienist is available, you could do a very quick introduction to help ease the anxiety of your child.

Choose a dentist who is experienced working with kids

Most importantly, choose a dental office that is familiar with working with small children. Dental professionals like those at 525 Dental in London Ontario frequently work with children of all ages to ensure painless and easy procedures. A confident and experienced children’s dentist can helps prevent the fear and anxiety that often comes with dental visits for both adults and children.

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