About 525 Dental

525 Dental is located in a gracious brick house at 525 Oxford St., London Ontario. Dr. Mark T. Smith has been practicing dentistry since completing his doctorate in dental surgery at the University of Toronto in 1981. His partner dentist at 525 Dental is Dr. Parneety. The experienced staff includes dental hygienists Iris, Sonya, Nicole, Stephanie, Naseem and Cathleen. Jessica and Carly are our dental assistants. New patients’ first contact will be with our welcoming receptionists Leah and Linda. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all patients receive friendly and skilled treatment.

At 525 Dental, we specialize in pain free family and cosmetic dentistry. You can expect treatment that, as much as possible, restores normal eating, speaking, and appearance.

Our dental services include dental procedures to repair and restore teeth; cosmetic procedures to improve appearance; dental health including oral hygiene, cleaning, and care for children; and several options to prevent pain and reduce anxiety during dentist visits. Some of our available dental procedures include:

Dental Procedures

  • fillings with either silver amalgam or tooth-coloured resin,
  • sealants to prevent decay in hard-to-reach tooth surfaces
  • dentures
  • bridges
  • implants
  • root canals & crowns
  • tooth extraction

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • resin bonds
  • porcelain veneers
  • inlays and onlays
  • teeth whitening.

We Focus on Pain Control

Many people put off visiting a dentist even for routine care because they’re afraid the treatment will hurt. Our practice offers nitrous oxide anesthesia, a rapid, safe, and effective way to prevent pain. Dr. Smith and his associates are board certified to administer oral sedation, which allows anxious patients to relax even during lengthy procedures. Sometimes the most painful part of a dental visit is injection of a local anesthetic into the gum. To overcome this, Dr. Smith invented the Comfort Control Syringe. The syringe prevents the burning and pain that can accompany an injection and allows the dentist to give a lower dose, thus reducing the time needed for the anesthetic to wear off.

If you are looking for skilled care from a welcoming dental practice in London Ontario, please contact us. The staff at 525 Dental looks forward to meeting you!