Painless Dentistry

The Comfort Control Syringe

Painless NeedleThe Comfort Control Syringe was developed by dentist Dr. Mark Smith in 1996.

For many people, the worst part about going to the dentist is “the needle”.  The needle causes anxiety to the patient, mainly due to the pain associated with the injection itself.

Aware of the need for painless injections, Dr. Smith diligently worked on the invention and development of the Comfort Control Syringe (CCS).  The Comfort Control Syringe is the safest, most consistent way to receive an injection.

Controlling the rate of injection with Comfort Control Syringe controls the pain the patient experiences.  With a slow delivery rate, the pain and burning felt by the patient is eliminated.

With the electronic syringe delivery system, the patient will receive a lower dose of anesthetic while receiving a more effective injection.

“The Comfort Control Syringe has helped by patients overcome their dental anxieties.  Dental procedures can be done with minimal to no pain on a consistent basis.”  Dr. Mark T. Smith