Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Smith at 525 Dental can help you create the luminous smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Our dental clinic in London Ontario has the tools to help you achieve a bright and glowing smile through innovative cosmetic dentistry techniques and procedures.

Tooth Whitening

Have you always wished for brighter teeth? We can make that dream come true with a quick, easy, and inexpensive whitening system. When you are in the office, the dentist can make a mold of your teeth to create a customized splint. After a day or two, the splints will be ready to pick up, and you use them in conjunction with a special whitening solution. Patients usually see whiter teeth within a week or two. Unlike over the counter whitening products, which can harm teeth and gums, our products correct discoloration without injuring your mouth.

Veneers & Bonding

For people with tooth discoloration that does not respond to whitening solutions, we offer veneers and bonding. Dental veneers are thin, ceramic shells that can be applied to the surface of the tooth for a whiter, brighter appearance. Veneers resist chemical staining, and they are individually crafted and then skillfully applied to enhance your natural smile. An alternative option to veneers is dental bonding, which can be used on discolored teeth that are damaged or misaligned. With bonding, a resin is applied directly to the tooth and molded to the unique contour of your mouth.

Inlays and Onlays

Dr. Smith and his associates also perform dental inlays and onlays to repair a smile. Dental inlays are like fillings and are used within the cusps of a tooth to repair a broken area. An onlay is used for a more extensive area of damage. These procedures usually take two visits to allow for appropriate preparation and fit. Traditionally, inlays were composed of gold material, but they are now also available in a white resin to match the natural color of teeth.

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